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Indulge your decorating passion by planning a layout that suits both the way you live and the things that you love.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Large or small, smart or informal, traditional or minimal, it’s the room where family and friends gather to cook, eat and simply enjoy being together. The very best kitchens combine function, personality and good design. They’re spaces where you want to linger and indulge your creative, nurturing side.

All of our bespoke furniture that we produce is hand crafted. This allows us to safeguard the attention to detail which is always at the forefront of our manufacturing. It means that every bespoke Miscellanea kitchen is of the highest quality, infinitely practical and a reflection of your taste and personality.


We are authorised retailers for a number of high quality rigid carcass kitchens, who between them offer a wide range of traditional, modern and creative options. We also have a wealth of extraordinary items in our showroom which we can use to decorate your new kitchen. With rich wall decoration, daring design and thoughtful lighting, we’ll elevate one of the most functional rooms in the house to a truly inspiring space you and your family will love.  

We love creating timeless rooms for you to enjoy as much in the future as when they were first completed. This is an important part of our ethos, keeping the standard of our work high and offering value to our clients too.

We approach the design process by thinking about priorities and balancing wants with needs. We’ll help you find realistic solutions to your kitchen dreams to create a kitchen that combines form with function. 

We look at as many options for the kitchen layout as possible, so we can compare, contrast and ultimately choose the best design to stand the test of time.

We hand-draw all our kitchens so they can grow organically during the design process, meeting all your needs and aspirations.


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