Interior Design

Your space made home beautiful.

We have a vast collection of unique sculptures, bespoke furniture, glassware, paintings and prints, ceramics, lighting, textiles, tiles – everything to make a home complete. Any item in our collection could become a focal point, accent or background for your room, where it will enhance the space and take on a new significance.

Choosing interior design services with Miscellanea, you’ll benefit from outstanding design experience and a showroom full of extraordinary features and ideas. 

We love working with our clients to create stunning spaces full of vitality and personality. We’ll encourage you to venture outside your comfort zone, but don’t worry – we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Whichever room we’re working on, we’ll help you to plan around your needs and budget.



Even in the smallest of bathrooms a factor to consider is keeping a smooth flow between the sanitary-ware and the route between the various pieces of equipment. This should be easy and unimpeded in much the same way that the classic triangle works well in a kitchen, therefore the use of space is one to be addressed from the very beginning.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Large or small, smart or informal, traditional or minimal, it’s the room where family and friends gather to cook, eat and simply enjoy being together. The very best kitchens combine function, personality and good design. They’re spaces where you want to linger and indulge your creative, nurturing side.



Living rooms are essential spaces for relaxing and entertaining.  Watch your favorite film without interruption, set up a board game and have fun with the family.  Welcome your neighbours for cocktails, and stretch out on the sofa when they've gone home.  Pose for photos by the fireplace then display them on the mantlepiece.


Your bedroom is your haven at the end of a busy day. Escape life’s cares and tuck yourself away for peace and quiet. A good night’s sleep is the first step to a successful tomorrow – a calm environment promotes rest, relaxation and the sweetest of dreams.


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